Famous Quotes On Getting Older

Famous Quotes On Getting Older. This would be a subject of dread to me. “in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.

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Aging quotes by famous authors Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. I’m sitting with andy cohen, and he has a full head of gray hair, and he’s exquisite.

Here Are Some Beautiful Quotes About Wisdom And Graceful Aging That Will Make You Feel Better About Getting Older.

And dreams are forever.” walt disney “there are six myths about old age: Oprah winfrey quote on aging “the way i see it, every year can be a brand new journey.

We've Heard So Much About The Horrors Of Aging, From The Sudden Onset Of Aches And Pains To Having Senior Moments.

Aging quotes by famous authors — joe cocker i've got a feeling i'm leaving stardom behind, you know. If people say that i look young for my age, it’s because i feel like i’m a newbie.

There's No Room For Fine Touches In Battle.

My only fear is that i may live too long. “you can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”. I'm gradually becoming more of a filmmaker, acquiring a different kind of dignity from that which you achieve in acting.

Every Second That You Blade Is Stuck In One Man's Body Is A Second That Another Can Use To Skewer You.

That we are all alike.” —maggie kuhn, founder of the gray panthers movement “when it comes to aging, we’re held to a different standard than men. You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

Every Age Can Be Enchanting, Provided You Live Within It.

“we don’t grow older, we grow riper.” pablo picasso “he who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, you and age are equally a burden.” plato “laughter is timeless. “none are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”. What that is, is aging.” ― maya angelou tags: