Performance Appraisal Quotes For Employees

Performance Appraisal Quotes For Employees. You get all the gold stars. While writing down the employee’s achievement highlights, you may use the following types of phrases:

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Examples of employee performance evaluation phrases 1. Gets involved and adapts to changes. Here are a few employee performance appraisal comments to stir innovation and creativity:

Your Approach Of Embracing Change And Adapting To Changing Work Situations Encourages Others To Do The Same.

It is important that employees adapt to change and accept and comply with new processes. Examples of employee performance evaluation phrases 1. These phrases help you structure recommendations for performance improvement over the next review period.

You Continue To Exceed Expectations.

Your hard work takes the company to new heights! On the other hand, feedback that mostly dwells on negative aspects of one’s performance can make employees feel unappreciated. Mary is always early for meetings and work.

Gets Involved And Adapts To Changes.

Dependability “has remained one of our most trustworthy team members” “always very dependable in every situation” “always ready to do whatever it takes to get the work done” “well known for dependability and readiness to work hard” “has been a faithful and trustworthy employee” “consistently. You get all the gold stars. Julie double checks her work to avoid errors and always asks questions from superiors.

Effective Performance Review Phrases Creativity And Innovation.

Appreciation quotes to employee for outstanding performance. Highly optimistic and willing to listen. These phrases describe historical performance of employees that have not performed as per expectations.

You’ll Notice That These Appraisal.

Patric is never absent without prior approval. “you often find new and innovative solutions to a problem.” b. Can connect to people well.