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Quotes On Turning 40. Funny 40th birthday quotes and jokes. 65 latest & catchy 40th birthday slogans.

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At 20 years of age the will reigns; I regret to inform you, but your 30s have expired. Let the sincerity and aspirations of this day persevere!

But So Do Fallen Arches, Rheumatism, Faulty Eyesight, And The Tendency To Tell A Story To The Same Person, Three Or Four Times. George Bernard Shaw Every Man Over Forty Is A Scoundrel. Edward Young Be Wise With Speed;

My 40th birthday is also on the horizon. 65 latest & catchy 40th birthday slogans. But happiness must never be compromised and these quotes about turning 40 will surely help you.

Here Are Some Of The Best 40Th Birthday.

Here are some of the best 40th birthday slogans and quotes available. Thanks for all the good memories, love, and your special jokes. These greetings can be shared with someone you know who's about to turn 40 and treat them with a light cliche humor about old age.

We Don't Understand Life Any Better At Forty Than.

“the great thing about getting older is that you get a chance to tell the. Let’s drink some red, red wine. Let’s grab a cold one for the old one!

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What to bear in mind when you turn 40 1 make sure to enjoy every bit of your life. What can be better than having a good laugh with your. Inspirational happy 40th birthday quotes at 40, i realize that i was built for comfort, not speed.

Forty.” Turning 40 Quotes “Forty Is Fine When You Look 29.” Turning 40 Sayings “I Can’t Keep Calm.

Wear your wrinkles with pride. I've had two buddies turn 40 this month. Please tell that to my knees.