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Quote Estimate Disclaimer. While estimates and quotes serve a similar purpose. But as one person on the forum put it:

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An estimate is a preliminary document that outlines the work and approximate cost. Estimates should always include a disclaimer that the price is subject to change depending upon a more detailed quote being prepared. Keep doing that until you have tasks that are small enough to accurately estimate.

Any Estimates Provided In The Report Are Merely Opinions Of Possible Costs That Could Be Encountered, Based On The Knowledge And Experience Of The Inspector, And Are Not Estimates In The Sense Of Being A Calculation Of The Likely Costs To Be Incurred.

Agree in advance how any variations will be costed. You have your eye on a shiny, new porsche. Our estimate of current charges is based on cargo information supplied by you.

These Can Arise If The Client Changes Their Requirements Or If A Job Turns Out To Be More Complicated Than Expected.

A person or business isn't obligated to hire you just because you give them an estimate. If a quote represents the fixed price of a particular project, an estimate represents an approximation. It’s important to write that the price in your document is “subject to change.” this will help protect your small business against fluctuating prices.

The Price Named In The Estimate Is An Approximation Of The Project Requirements As Described By The Client.

Usually you do not know all the specifics of the job and if the client want’s a more accurate valuation they will prepare a “bid” and it will have a description in great detail of the proposed job. I know all the other tree services in my area don't do this, but i just wanna cover my a**. Nov 13, 2020 #1 zacchaeus new member.

Be As Specific As Possible, Including:

While estimates and quotes serve a similar purpose. Indeed, a forum discussion on sitepoint highlights this challenge when using these terms. Keep doing that until you have tasks that are small enough to accurately estimate.

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Tendering cargo against this quotation will constitute acceptance of the quotation. Say you go to the car dealership to get a new car. However, it doesn't have a price sticker on it, and when you ask the salesman, he can't quote you a price.