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Comma Inside Quotes. He said he was “working”; Usually, this implies that the author doesn’t agree with the use of the term.

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Commas and periods are always placed inside quotation marks, while semicolons and colons are always placed outside (again, this is american usage, not british usage). Commas inside a quote there are two instances where commas are always used inside the quotation marks. As you might guess from our name, apa style uses american style punctuation (see p.

This Rule Is Going To Change With Time, As More And More Publishers Opt To Use The Comma Inside The Quote, No Matter What.

If a comma precedes the phrase, as in the second example, the full stop is inside the last quotation mark. Comma goes inside you when the context calls for a comma at the end of material enclosed in quotation marks, the comma should be placed inside the quotation marks: When to use a comma as a general rule, you should use a comma to introduce quoted material or dialogue.

Similarly, As Shown In The Purdue Owl, A Typical Mla Citation May Be, This Phenomenon Is Best Referred To As A “Cumulative Collaboration Of Evidence” (Pepper).

Quotations are concluded with a period as well. He said, “let’s wear sunscreen today.” “good idea,” she replied. “walk to the corner right,” she explained to.

Peter, However, Didn’t Believe Him.

“i’ll put mine on in a moment.” When to use punctuation outside of quotation marks. 7 rows the following are rules for punctuating inside closing quotation marks according to the standard.

*Place Other Punctuation Inside Quotation Marks When That Punctuation Is Part Of What Is Being Quoted, Such As A Quoted Question.

If you’re writing with british standards, commas, periods, question marks and others fall naturally. In british english, periods and commas only go inside quotation marks if the original quoted material also had those punctuation. Strunk & white gives this example:

If A Citation In Parentheses Follows The Quotation, The Period Follows The Citation.

“there was a storm last night,” paul said. “you’ve got to be carefully taught,” wrote oscar hammerstein ii. Punctuation marks in quotes rule 1 according to the american system, you have to insert commas and periods inside the quotation marks.