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Quote Introduction Sentence Starters. A sensible idea would be to… we all know that… it is said that… it is believed that… people assumed that… there is growing support for the notion that. Here is an example of a good quote introduction:

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How To Begin An Essay With A Quote Examples Example 1 If You Do Use A Quote, You Must Introduce It Correctly So That The Reader Understands Why It Is There And Who Said It.

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These Contributions Are Always Acknowledged By Referencing, And There Will Be Times When You Introduce Other People's Views Into Your Work And Want To Name Them In The Text.

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Apart From The Standard Words Like “Believes” Or “Notes,” You Can Use Dozens Of Synonyms.

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A Sensible Idea Would Be To… We All Know That… It Is Said That… It Is Believed That… People Assumed That… There Is Growing Support For The Notion That.

Examples of sentence starters that add ideas are: But, be careful as each of those conveys its own. What introductory words can i use for quotations?