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Famous Quote From Michael Jordan. “the good part about being famous is being able to help people. The hard part is every day you have to be in a good mood, because that is what people expect.

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His biography on the nba website states: “i can accept failure, everyone fails at something. Jordan tells us that we.

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That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs. Jordan tells us that we. Every hundred year, mother make baby like iron sheik, michael jordan and the jesus.

But I Can't Accept Not Trying.

“if you quit once it becomes a habit. Here are 39 michael jordan quotes. #quotes #famousquotes #quoteschannelthe quoteunquote chanel is about popular quotes of famous personalities from all around the world, and different fields.

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Jordan on opportunity, humanity, life, love, regret, acting, change, work, ego, future, etc. 55 inspirational michael jordan quotes 1. 'i've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.

But I Can't Accept Not Trying.”.

“always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” ~ (michael jordan). 40 famous quotes and sayings by michael jordan. “some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” 2.

Trying I Michael Jordan Some People Want It To Happen, Some Wish It Would Happen, And.

Jordan played 15 seasons in the national basketball association (nba) for the chicago bulls and washington wizards. His biography on the nba website states: Here are some of the quotes of michael jordan on success, have a look: