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Quotes About Authors. We learn new things about the world we live in, about people around us and perhaps, most importantly, we rediscover ourselves. “i cannot remember the books i’ve read any more than the meals i.

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Many artists draw much of their inspiration from introspection, and writers are no different. Brainyquote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. Six of the best book quotes about authors.

I Could Spend The Rest Of My Life Reading, Just Satisfying My Curiosity.”.

You feel not only totally alone but also that everyone else is at a party. “i can shake off everything as i write; Share “also, an occupational hazard of writing is that you’ll have bad days.

“If There’s A Book That You Want To Read, But It Hasn’t Been Written Yet, Then You Must Write It.”.

“almost anyone can be an author; “you have to write the book that wants to be written. Quote of the day email.

Here Are 30 Most Inspirational Quotes From Your Favourite Authors.

Six of the best book quotes about authors. “a word after a word after a word is power.”. “all readers come to fiction as willing accomplices to your lies.

Such Is The Basic Goodwill Contract Made The Moment We Pick Up A Work Of Fiction.”.

“you know, hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help.” ―bill watterson. We must hope for everything. “writing is like getting married.

“Fill Your Paper With The Breathings Of Your Heart.”.

Every step is an advance into a new land.”. Not for the virtues, but despite the faults.”. It is there that we authors do most of our lying.