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Gambling Quotes Funny. A harsh approach, it suggests that the winner, the thief, lured in the innocent fool and robbed them. It's not like i'm starting out with $500 a pull or $1,000 a pull.

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I should add that i’m not much of a gambler; From a comedy film about betting on horse racing, this one’s simply funny. Discover and share funny gambling quotes.

The Gambling Tables Are Filled With Chatter, And That Has Given Rise To Quite A Few Whimsical Quotes About The Activity That We Have Been Able To Look Up In Literature, Television, And Gamblers’ Stories.

We’ve compiled some of the favorites that are out there right now. Discover and share funny gambling quotes. You've got me feeling lucky.

I'm Putting Everything On Black.

You know what's worse than a loss? I used to have a horrible gambling addiction, but i wager i’ll never gamble again. The topics for this week’s puns and one liners is gambling jokes.

Here Are The 50 Gambling Quotes To Make You Realize Life Is Not Just About Luck:

The worst is not betting at all. You can't beat any kind of gambling because they have the odds. Victory is a fleeting thing in the gambling business.

Now, You Got Too Much Of One And Not Enough Of The Other.

George raft if i go gambling the slots, some of my friends will come with me and play along with me. From a comedy film about betting on horse racing, this one’s simply funny. This is the moment to say that this article has no gambling terms definitions you can find in the casino games tutorials.

Someone Who Won't Admit He Played It Wrong.

If you’re involved in gaming, we’re sure you’ve heard a few funny gaming quotes. The color of money (1986) eddie to vincent: When it comes to playing poker, no matter how good you.