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Press Release Quote Format. Unless you are adding a direct quote, the phrases ‘i’ and ‘we’ have no place in the press release. Aim for analysis—why is the press release real news.

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4 how to do public relations for small business. Say you have the following quote: But there are different ways of hosting a press release, and you’ll want to decide on this before getting to the actual writing.

Writing A Good Quote For Your Press Release Can Be Quite Tricky.

3 most common mistakes — don’t underestimate. They should be spread throughout the second and/or third paragraphs of your release. [insert attention grabbing headline] strong lead sentence summary bullet point one (if makes sense) summary bullet point two (if makes sense) summary bullet point three (if makes sense) [date], [city], [state] introductory.

Quotes Should Be Short, Clear And To The Point.

Write the most important aspects of your press release first. “our company is looking to reach a larger audience than ever before,” john doe said. If applicable, collect relevant quotes and pick the most compelling lines.

For One, It Gives You An Extra Angle For Your Story Based Solely On That Person's Kudos.

No one likes reading walls of text. Aim for analysis—why is the press release real news. There’s no real need for pr teams to use multiple, similar quotes to support their story.

Being Able To Attribute Quotes In A Press Release To A Household Name Is A Big Win.

The structure of a press release doesn’t deviate all that much, as you’ll see from our downloadable template. If the award is to you or your business, lap it up and modestly say how hard you’ve worked. To create your draft for a press release, write down all of your main points and sort them into the template.

But Actually Adding A Quote That Doesn’t Bring Anything To The Story Is Almost As Bad As Not Including Any.

Award press release if the award is to an individual, name them, their position, and the award, with a quote from the award organizer. New hire press release examples. Use a press release template to write your press release.