Pray For My Son Quotes

Pray For My Son Quotes. Ur love surrounds him and he is filled with ur light. Do not be afraid and do not panic before them.

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I am privileged to call you my son. Trust in the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; I sometimes wish you were still small, not yet so big and strong and tall, for when i think of yesterday, i close my eyes and see you play.

To My Son I Sometimes Wish:

Lord, i pray for my son. You’re forever in my heart, i love you so much. How to encourage your son’s faith through childhood.

Ur Love Surrounds Him And He Is Filled With Ur Light.

I pray this day for god’s divine touch upon your health. Top my son getting married quotes. So be strong and courageous!

Lord, Fulfill Your Will In My Son’s Heart And Life.

And i’ll choose you over and over. I wish you every success in whatever you put your hand to and much happiness wherever you go. Get well soon prayers for your son’s speedy recovery 1.

Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart, And Lean Not On Your Own Understanding;

#24 as a son, you have been thoughtful and generous. #23 my son, you deserve the best in life. Like the rest of us, he is.

And If You Treat Them Like Sons, They’ll Turn Out To Be Heroes, Even If It’s Just In Your Own Eyes.

I am so proud of the job you are doing, my son and your country is grateful to have a hero like you. You were meant for each other from the first moment you met. I know you have not been feeling like yourself these past few days.