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Quotes About Dad. “my father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ― jim valvano 3. Author unknown family one of the great lessons i remember my dad constantly emphasizing in our family while i was growing up was use your r&i.

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“son, there are times a man has to do. I hope you know that.”. “my father didn't tell me how to live.

“Anyone Who Tells You Fatherhood Is The Greatest Thing That Can Happen To You, They Are Understating It” William Shakespeare “It Is A Wise Father That Knows His.

These quotes for dad are especially greet in greeting cards, whether you’re looking for a special message for his birthday, christmas, or another holiday. Top 10 dad quotes “to be a successful father, there’s one absolute rule: He told me that i was uncommonly beautiful and that i was the most.

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Being a father means you have to think fast on your feet. —bill gray a good dad is warm, comforting, and filled with cheese. —dan taylor dad is the staple gun that holds the family together.

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― jim valvano my father was my teacher. After a while when i got to be 21, i was amazed to find out how much he'd learned in three years. You must be judicious, wise, brave, tender, and willing to put on a frilly hat and sit down to a pretend tea party. — matthew buckley 7.

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“my father didn't tell me how to live. So i don't know if i'll ever be as good a dad as my dad. To our family, you are the world.

“I Believe That What We Become Depends On What Our Fathers Teach Us At Odd Moments, When They Aren't Trying To Teach Us.

“it was my father who taught me to value myself. “the power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” —justin ricklefs “it is a wise father that knows his own child.” —william shakespeare “one father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” —george herbert “a girl’s first true love is her father.” —marisol santiago “a father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” —susan gale “a dad is the hero his son hopes to be.” “the joy in a little boy’s eyes shines in his father’s heart.” “a father may only be a dad for a little while, but he is a son’s hero forever.” “the greatest gift i ever had, came from god;